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How Is The Pivot Point In The Golf Swing DefinedYour golf swing a rotary movement. Your turn and rotate your upper body to generate power. The pivot point in your golf swing is the point which this rotation happens around.

If you play with a traditional weight transfer in your swing, then you have two pivot points. As you make you back swing, you begin by turning your shoulders to the right, for right handed golfers. As you make this turning action, your weight shifts from being centred between your feet, to your right foot. As this happens, the turning action in your body continues and you rotate, or pivot, around your right hip. The pivot point of your back swing is your right hip.

On your down swing, you instigate this from your lower body which rotates towards the target and transfers your weight forward on to your left foot. Your body continues to turn from your knees, hips, waist and then into your shoulders and as your weight has transferred forwards, you now rotate, or pivot, around your left hip and then move into your follow through with the same pivot point.

If you play with a more modern golf swing and you use a stack and tilt method to play, then you only have one pivot point. As you set up to play with this method, you stack your weight on to your front left foot. As you swing the golf club back around you, your weight remains forward with this method and you do not transfer your weight on to your right foot. This results in just one fixed point for the rotation in your body to move around and that is your spine.

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Your shoulders rotate 90 degrees to the right during your back swing, but your shoulders pivot around something, they themselves are not the pivot point. Your shoulders turn around your spine, but if you transfer your weight during your golf swing, your hips become the fixed pivot points, with your right hip used as your back swing pivot point and your left hip used as your down swing and follow through pivot point.

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Your right hip is one pivot point if you shift your weight as you swing the golf club, but it is not the only one. You must also use your left hip to pivot around on your down swing and follow through once you have shifted your weight forward.

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Your left foot is not the pivot point during the back swing as this would result in a sway to your front foot.