The golf swing is all about the pivot. It is the pivot that you make during your swing that will largely determine how hard you are able to hit the ball, and how accurately you hit it as well. Many amateur golfers attempt to slide back and forth through the shot, but this is a mistake – the main movement of the body should be a pivot, rather than a slide. When you learn how to pivot correctly, the club will be able to accelerate around that pivot point and you will unlock power potential that you may not have known was hiding within your swing.

Pivot – Golf Lessons & Tips

Most golfers would love to find more power in their swing, but few know where to look. Often, amateur players resort to swing trying to swing as hard as possible in order to force the ball further down the fairway. Not surprisingly, this is a technique that is rarely effective. If you would like to add distance to your shots, forget about swinging harder and try instead to swing more efficiently. An efficient swing is one that makes the most of the power available, and that usually means pivoting cleanly around a central point. Without a clean pivot, you are going to wasting power at some point in your swing – and that is waste that you will never be able to recover.

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