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How Can My Fingers Influence My Golf Grip?Because the golf grip is a players only point of contact with the club, the finger placement becomes more important than many people might expect.

Even a slight misplacement of the fingers can cause a pulse or reduction in power. It can also cause the club face to return to impact either open or closed to the target.

Follow this guide to correct grip placement and learn to watch out for the common mistakes many people make.

  • Let the grip of the club run from the base of the little finger on the left hand through the middle of the index finger
  • This will put the grip nicely in the fingers of the left hand

  • Wrap the left hand over the top of the grip until 2½ knuckles are visible on the left hand when viewed from above
  • The right hand slots underneath the left and with your preferred variation of grip (either an interlock, overlap of ten finger grip) and folds over the left thumb with 1½ knuckles visible on the right hand
  • The V created on both hands by the thumb and forefinger should point up towards the right shoulder

Placing the hands on the grip with care and attention will translate into better scores when out on the course.

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When holding onto the club many players believe that gripping the club tightly will improve the overall control of the shot. However, gripping excessively tight can cause the hands and arms to become too tense killing feel and not allowing correct rotation of the club through impact.

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Although tempting, the strong grip should be avoided. A very strong grip is characterized by seeing all the knuckles on the left hand at address. This strong grip will cause the club face to close through impact and send the ball left.

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When placing the hands on the club, their position up or down the handle is important. The butt end of the club features a natural bulge which the left hand needs to sit under and not on top of. The further down the grip a player goes the more control they will have but less power.