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How Can I Aim My Golf Putts Better Learning to aim your putter face correctly is a difficult skill, not only do you have to learn how a square face looks at address from above but you also need to learn how to point it at your target precisely.

Without precision you will struggle to consistently hole shorter range putts, but if you can learn how to take dead aim at the hole, you will lower your scores dramatically.

The first thing that you need to learn is what a square putter face looks like from above. To do this, you need to place two tees in the ground approximately four inches apart and then place your putter face against the tees. From here, if you adopt your set up at an angle of 90 degrees, keep the putter face resting against the tees you will see how your putter looks with a square face.

Now you have your putter face square, you need to take eight tee pegs, place them in pairs and three inches apart. This is enough of a gap for your ball to fit through, and in a line moving away from the hole at distances of 6,12,18 and 24 inches. Take a ball and place it approximately 12 inches away from the first pair of tees. Take your set up position ensuring you have your putter face in the square position and make your putt.

If you have aimed your putter correctly, you should see your ball start to roll straight between the gate of the tees. The better your aim becomes, the more control you have over your putter face and you will eventually start to see your ball go through each set of tees and then into the hole. The more you practise your stroke, the more you will be able to take dead aim with your putter.

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Placing your golf ball this way will have no effect on whether or not you have aimed your putter at the hole. However, you could draw a line on your ball and set up the line so it looks like it continues straight to the hole, then set up to your ball so your body is parallel to the line.

This will give you a better chance of aiming your putter at the hole.

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Many golfers still believe that the best way to improve is to buy the latest and greatest piece of equipment, but this couldnt be further from the truth. Technology has made golf clubs easier to use and offer more forgiveness when hit off centre.

The only way to improve how you aim both your body and putter face is to firstly find out exactly where you are and then what you need to do to improve. Then you must practise continually so that this becomes natural to you.

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Taking your set up position before you put your putter face behind your ball is only asking for trouble. This is because when you set up like this, your eyes dont look along the aim line but below it. This causes you to instinctively close your stance and aim your body across the front of the hole and change your aim line.