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Correct Golf Answer Study the lie

Fliers can sometimes be difficult to predict and can cause big problems if misjudged. It is for this reason that golfers need to learn how to read a flying lie and how to play the shot.

Fliers are caused when grass become trapped between the club face and ball at impact. This has a significant impact on the amount of back spin produced. Because the club face only has a small amount of direct contact with the ball, shots fly from the lie with little control and with big distance. Fliers can only normally occur from lies which feature light or fluffy rough. They dont usually occur in heavy rough because when too much grass is caught between the club and ball there will not be enough spin or distance to lift the ball anywhere. Identifying fliers does come with experience, however, there are some features of the lie to look out for.

Depth of rough – players will be more likely to experience a flier when the grass rises between halfway and three quarters up the ball. This puts the grass directly in the impact area.

Type of grass – light rough is more likely to produce a flier. It will be unlikely that wet grass will produce a flier because its much heavier.

To play a flier, use a standard punch shot with your regular club for the desired distance. This should give the correct amount of control and distance.

  • Make sure the ball is slightly further back than normal for you selected iron.
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart and alignment as normal.
  • Posture should be the same as usual but with 60% body weight on the front foot.
  • Lean the shaft forward opposite the left thigh. This will help hit down on the ball and achieve a more consistent strike.
  • The back swing should be three quarters in length, back and through, keeping 60% body weight on the front foot.

Studying the lie closely will give a better indication of if you have a flying lie, using a punch technique should allow more consistency.

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Although fliers are unpredictable by nature, golfers should try to do as much work as possible to study the lie and make a decision. The worst thing a player can do is stand over the ball unsure of what will happen.

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Players who hit fliers with full flowing swings can achieve some big distances, but they can also achieve some big numbers by losing control of the ball. Use a punch technique to help minimize any risk.

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Whilst attacking a flier with a full swing may not be the safest option, chipping out sideways is not necessary. A flying lie may be unpredictable but its possible to get the ball near your target. Use the punch technique and go for the hole.