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How Can I Stop My Hands From Over Rotating In My Golf Down Swing?When the hands over rotate during the down swing, the club face becomes closed.

This closing of the club face can cause either a hook or a pull hook depending on what path the club came into the ball on. To stop an over rotation of the hands, the first place a player should look is the grip. Because the grip is what controls the club face position throughout the swing, it is always the first port of call when the ball begins to fly off line.

When the hands over rotate, the grip is likely to be too strong. Unless there is a specific need to strengthen or weaken the way a player holds the club, the most effective golf grip is classified as neutral. A neutral grip is generally regarded as the best way to return the club face square to swing path through impact. A grip considered weak will usually cause the club face to open through impact and send the ball right. To achieve a neutral grip, follow this guide.

  • Let the grip of the club run from the base of the little finger on the left hand through the middle of the index finger. This will put the grip nicely in the fingers of the left hand
  • Wrap the left hand over the top of the grip until two and a half knuckles are visible on the left hand when viewed from above
  • The right hand slots underneath the left and with your preferred variation of grip (either an interlock, overlap of ten finger grip), folds over the left thumb with one and a half knuckles visible on the right hand
  • The V created on both hands by the thumb and forefinger should point up towards the right shoulder

When over rotating the hands during the down swing, the first place to check are the hands.

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If a golfer attempts to fix a shot which flies left by aiming further left then they are surely bound for disaster! Keep the club face aimed at the target and the body parallel to that line, then check the grip.

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Many people tighten their hold on the club in an attempt to gain more control. However, this will cause a certain amount of tension to creep through the hands and arms. Keep the hold relaxed and dont choke the club.

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One quick fix that many people employ when over rotating the hands is to open up the club face at address. This could work intermittently but will fail to tackle underlying issues.