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How Can I Putt Better On Bumpy Golf GreensOne of the biggest challenges of playing in damp or wet conditions is the way the quality of the putting surface deteriorates as each group of golfers goes by. This is because of the downward pressure of your body weight leaving bigger footprints than they would on dry greens. These footprints make it much more difficult to putt on and have a big influence on the way your ball will behave on the green.

The first thing your need think about when your putting on bumpy greens is to think about the speed of your putts more. On a normal putt, you are looking to run your putt with enough speed to finish between 12 and 18 inches behind the hole if you dont knock it in, yet when the greens are bumpy there is a greater chance of your ball being knocked off line. If your reduce your speed, you will be less likely to be left with a knee knocking comeback putt

The second part to successful putting on bumpy greens is to adjust the amount of break you allow for. The fact that all putts break to the lowest point, you need to allow for a little more break than you would have if the greens were good. This is because your ball will bounce downhill and not uphill, so once it is knocked of your initial line by the uneven nature of the ground, there will still be a chance of your ball finding the bottom of the cup.

With the slight adjustment of your line and the speed of your putt, you will have a chance of holing the putt but more importantly you will not leave yourself a more difficult comeback putt.

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Due to the uneven nature of the green when conditions are damp or wet, if you take the break out of the putt by hitting it straighter then you will be more likely to miss the putt once it is knocked off line. Make sure you allow some more break to give yourself a chance of holing your putt.

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Whether you hit your putt harder than you normally would for the distance you face, your ball will still be affected by the bumpy green. Not only will your ball still be knocked off line but you will also end up with a three or four foot comeback putt. These are tough enough to hole on good greens let alone when the greens are bumpy.

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The further you play your ball back in your stance with your putter, the more your ball will bounce when you hit your putt. When the greens are already bumpy, the last thing you need is for your ball to be bouncing around even more or you will hardly ever hole putts whether the green is bumpy or not.