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How Can I Play The Last Few Golf Holes Better?If you find that on the last few holes you are consistently scoring worse than you are on the rest of the holes in your round, one of the main reasons for this is that you are running out of energy and as your energy levels drop and you start to feel tired, mentally you become tired as well.

If this happens, you will not be following your pre-shot routine well, your focus will be starting to wander, you will not be engaging with the target quite as well and physically you will be getting tired and not swinging the club as well.

In order to make sure you are keeping your energy levels up, fuel your body. You are using energy as you are playing so make sure you are replacing that energy as you are going round. Look at eating on the course, but also make sure you are drinking as well, because if you are dehydrated while you are out on the golf course, your focus and your concentration will really drop off and affect your performance detrimentally. So work on eating and hydrating yourself more. Take plenty of liquid out on the course with you. Water is absolutely fine, cordial and water, or any of the isotonic sports drinks, to help rehydrate you.

Also snack when you are out on the course, do not wait until the ninth hole before you eat. Take plenty of muesli bars, nut bars, fruit to snack on, nuts to snack on and as you go round maybe a sandwich as well. On every odd number hole you play, have something to drink and on every even number hole, have something to eat. Do not wait until you are feeling thirsty before you actually drink, you have got to keep yourself hydrated. When you are actually feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated and the same is true with feeling hungry. If you wait until you are hungry, your energy levels have dropped, so make sure you do not get hungry.

Snack or graze through the round. Eat and drink on odd and even number holes. Have a couple of sips of liquid on the tee and a couple of sips just after you have finished on the green. Then on the next hole, just take a little bit of a nibble on your muesli bar, or whatever you are snacking on, or take a bite of your fruit, whatever it may be and then again eat something as you finish on that green. Do that through the round and you will find that your energy levels are much higher and you play the last few holes much better.

Eat and drink while you are out playing, fuel your body and replace the energy you are using. Use a trolley, or a power caddy so that your clubs are being moved for you, rather than you having to do it and you should find that you are playing the last few holes much better.

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Trying to stay focused for four hours on any task is nigh on impossible. Golfers need to take regular mental breaks and learn to switch off between shots or holes. This is not to say that you shouldnt give every shot your full attention but just give yourself breaks between shots.

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Chocolate is a bad way to get energy as it gives you too much of an energy spike. You get all your energy at once and then you get a real lull afterwards, where you feel very tired and very low. Avoid eating chocolate when you are out on the course, go for healthier options that release their energy more slowly.

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You want to do everything to increase your energy levels and so make sure that you have got a trolley with your clubs on, so that you are expelling less energy than you would carrying your golf clubs.