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Correct Golf Answer Play safe and aim for the heart of the green

A golfer is short sided when they leave their approach shot to the side of a green where the pin is cut close to the edge.

This can happen after an errant tee shot on a par 4 or 5, where the golfer is left with an approach to the pin cut close to the side of a green protected by rough, bunkers, water or all three! It can also happen near the green if a golfer has to chip or pitch over any obstacles or simply has no room to land the ball between the green edge and hole.

Short siding yourself is a real problem because it can turn a simple par into a bogey or worse. Short siding yourself amplifies the difficulty of any shot faced. It can be avoided by good course management and consistent ball striking but sometimes we all hit bad shots!

When short sided, players have a couple of options; they can either go for the shot and take on any danger or play safe to the heart of the green. For most amateur golfers, the safest option is usually the best because it negates the possibility for a big number. Only when a player is supremely confident in their own ability and their technique should these shots be taken on.

There are a number of different factors which could sway a player’s decision. These could include a golfer position in a match or medal round. It’s always advisable when playing socially or practicing to put two balls down when faced with a short sided approach. Play one ball attacking the hole and another hitting the centre of the green. Keep track of the results and most players will see their average score improve by hitting to the centre of the green.

Although short siding yourself is a problem playing safe can mitigate the chances of racking up a huge score.

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As mentioned above, attacking the pin should only come into play when your position in a match demands it or you are supremely confident about hitting the desired shot. The best option is usually to play safe.

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If you are short sided, don’t always automatically reach for the most lofted club and hit the ball into the air. Judge the situation, your best option may be a chip and run into the centre of the green.

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This will be playing safe to the extreme! Find a route which takes the ball into the centre of the green and don’t just aim for any part of the green which looks available.