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How Can I Choose The Perfect Golf Sand Wedge10 years ago, most sets of irons came with a sand wedge, and this is the sand wedge most players used. Nowadays, club manufacturers only produce sets consisting of a 3 iron, working down through to a pitching wedge.

The old set sand wedges were a one size fits all which didnt offer much versatility to players. The sand wedge in this day and age is more of a specialist club with a cleaner, sleeker design, varying in lofts in the region of 54 degrees through to 58 degrees and there are also varying options of bounce to consider when selecting a sand wedge. Bounce angles can range from 4 degrees up to around 14 degrees.

So how do you choose the right sand wedge for you?

The length of the club needs to match up with the rest of your set to start with. Then the loft of the wedge needs to fit nicely amongst the other clubs in your bag so the gapping between your pitching wedge and your highest lofted wedge is matched up. Then there is the choice of bounce angle. The bounce on a golf club is the angle between the leading edge and the lowest point on the sole. Bounce helps the club glide through the sand without the club digging too deep under the ball. The amount of bounce you need depends on your technique and also the consistency of the sand you play out of. If the sand is deep and heavy then a sand wedge with a high amount of bounce will be of assistance. If the sand is firm and compact, then a sand wedge with a low amount of bounce will be beneficial.

Your best bet is to see a good club fitter who will fit you up for the correct sand wedge specifications to suit your technique and the course conditions.

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A sand wedge with a high amount of bounce may be beneficial to some players, but will not work for everyone. If you are a shallow swinger and play on firm, compact sand conditions, then a low bounce sand wedge would suit you better.

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On the other side of a high bounce wedge is low bounce. If you are a player who is steep into the ball and plays on a golf course where the sand is soft and deep then using a low bounce wedge would be detrimental to your game.

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Using the sand wedge which came with your set of irons may work for you. But the sand wedge is a specialist wedge, which if fit correctly to your technique and sand conditions, can be really beneficial to your ability to escape the bunker and lower your scores.