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How Can I Be A More Consistent Golf Ball Striker?The ability to consistently strike the golf ball is a goal shared by every regular golfer to have ever played the game!

Unfortunately, as every player knows, this ability does not come easy, it cannot be bought and takes years of hard work and dedication to achieve. If a golfer is looking at the main area to ensure more consistent ball striking then improving impact factors is the first place to begin.

The impact is where all the good work built up during the swing is delivered into the ball. If some of the following impact positions can be replicated then the overall consistency of a players ball striking should improve.

Hands Ahead of the Ball

When hitting iron shots, golfers should try to get the hands ahead of the ball at impact. This will ensure the angle of attack into the ball is a slightly descending one, imperative for control and consistency of strike. A good checkpoint is to ensure the shaft leans towards the target and the hands are opposite the left thigh. With the fairway woods and driver, the ball position and sweeping action required means the club head should be level with or just slightly beyond the hands at impact, hitting the ball on an upward arc.

Hip Rotation

The hips should have turned throughout the down swing and be opening to the target at impact. When practicing, slow the down swing and pause at impact. Try to get the hips open 45 degrees in relation to the target. Link this in to the hands being ahead of the ball as mentioned above.

Consistent ball striking is the goal of most players, focus on the impact factors to improve quickly.

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Many people feel that to strike the ball consistently they should actively slow their swing down. Sometimes this will give people more control over the club head but it will rob them of their true potential distance. Better impact factors will allow a player to swing more aggressively through the ball.

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The knock down shot is a great way to maintain control of the golf ball in windy conditions as it allows a player to keep the ball low. However, because the knock down shot reduces the height of a shot it will cause issues with a number of clubs, the longer irons for example.

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Players do need a high standard of club if they wish to hit consistent golf shots. However, players who try to buy their way to success in golf are destined to fail as nothing can mask a flawed swing.