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How Can I Accelerate Through The Golf Ball More?There are many drivers of power and speed during the golf swing but the hip turn and arm extension through impact are massive contributors.

The hip turn allows a golfer to generate speed as the body and club lags behind before firing through impact. This turning action is present in all hitting and throwing sports.

One way to think about the hip turn during the back swing is like a bicycle wheel. You can think of the hips as the centre of the wheel with the arms and hands acting as the spokes and the tyre as the club. The hips being the centre of the wheel turn slowly, the spokes or arms however move faster and the wheel moves fastest of all. Now imagine a person turning the wheel increases the power. The centre of the wheel will begin to move quicker but this speed is passed on and increased through the spokes and then the tyre. Its exactly the same with the golf swing; the faster the hips move, the speed is increased and transferred through the arms to the club.

The extension of the arms will add the icing to the hip turn cake and deliver a real smash to the ball! Extending the arms through the ball is a very simple thing to understand although it is not something easy to emulate. It requires both arms to stretch and extend the club towards the target after impact. This extension ensures the arms are not folding upward in an attempt to lift the ball up and gives extra club head speed. Its a little known fact that the fastest part of the golf swing is not at impact but rather a few feet beyond when the hips have fully rotated and the club extends. This is why the worlds longest drivers tee the ball up so high and so far outside the left foot.

Players looking to accelerate more through the ball should rotate the body more.

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The main driver of power during the swing is when the core (legs, hips, abdominals and chest) turn and rotate towards the ball. If a golfer attempts to hit the ball harder with the hands the most likely result is an over the top swing path or inconsistent striking.

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When striking the ball there will be a transfer of weight from the back foot through to the front foot. However, golfers who actively lunge forward will always be prone to get ahead of the ball and scoop the shot out from behind the body. A smooth and simple turn with a gradual weight shift is required.

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Golfers should always remember that a good swing is a combination of back, impact and through. Many players attempting to generate lots of power will hit at the ball rather than through. This is a fatal error as the extension through the ball is where most of a swings power can be found.