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How Can I Add Length To My Golf Back Swing But Still Keep ControlA full back swing is important for a player looking to get maximum power from the swing, but one must be careful that the full back swing doesnt lead into an over swing. This is an issue which a lot of golfers are wary of and therefore swing shorter than they potentially can go.

A shorter swing will offer less speed, width and power through impact but possibly enhance the control aspect of the swing. An over swing will increase speed but lack control. For a player swinging too short and wanting to lengthen the swing to increase power whilst maintaining the control of the swing, there are three key areas which need to be identified:

  • 90 degree shoulder turn
  • 45 degree hip turn
  • 90 degree wrist hinge or stronger

This position can only be achieved with a good, solid set up whereby the back is straight, the chin is up, the knee flex is minimal and the width of stance is suitable for the club in hand. Players with a shortened back swing often have this issue because their position at address is poor and the turn cannot be created.

Another huge influence in the length of back swing is the wrist angle because it is the angle which allows the left arm to stay straight during the shoulder rotation. If a player bows the left wrist, the left arm will need to bend to reach a longer position at the top so making sure the wrists only hinge during the swing is key.

To hinge the wrists, a good feeling and thought process would be thumbs up. This action should be performed during or just after the takeaway. This will also keep the club face neutral rather than opening or closing it. Once the wrists are working correctly with a 90 degree shoulder turn and 45 degree hip turn they will then add the final part of lengthening the swing to get the club close to parallel to the ground at the top.

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Ball position will not make a difference with regards to enabling the golfer to swing longer. It can have more of an impact on making sure the ball goes higher if the trajectory needed is that. Putting the ball further forward in the stance with any club will encourage more off centre hits.

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A bigger hip rotation will cause the clubs swing path to be changed, and it will change to an across the line position which could cause a big push to the right side or if the hands release early enough it could lead to a big hooked shot to the left.

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Players that bend their left arm during the swing create another lever which they need to straighten before impact, meaning a definite loss of power. The overriding factor of this movement is the poor swing path it creates as the club approaches the ball from an out to in path and steepened angle of attack.