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How Can Holing A More Short Golf Putts  Affect The Rest Of My GameThere is nothing quite like getting on a run of holing putts to grow your confidence while youre playing golf, and the more putts you hole from shorter distances, say six feet and less, the more confident you get.

The hole starts to look like its the size of a bucket and then you start to feel better about the rest of your game.

Once you have holed a good putt on the previous green, when your walking over towards the next tee, theres a spring in your step. Youre feeling good and your mind is already starting to think about hitting a good tee shot before you even reach the tee box. The chance of you hitting a good drive off this tee is greater and your confidence grows even more. The more fairways you start to hit, the more greens you will hit and now that you are feeling really good about your game and your seeing putts fall into the hole, you even start to feel like you will hole a putt even from 15, 20, 30 feet and beyond. This confidence sees you roll your longer putts with more control, and even if you dont hole it, your next putt will almost be a tap in.

Your confidence starts to then show in your short game. When you would normally be a little apprehensive over a chip in an attempt to try to get it close and get up and down, youre now relaxed and focused on the area you want to land your chip or pitch shot. Once you execute exactly the way you had it planned out in your mind, you see your ball roll out to a distance that you know youre going to hole. The more putts you hole, the higher your confidence grows and the better you play, and more importantly the lower both your scores and handicap become.

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Even though your putting stroke and golf swing bear no resemblance, each one will provide a confidence boost to the other. The more confident you feel about hitting a good drive or a good bunker shot, the more confidence you will have over a 10 foot putt. If your feeling confident then youll play all your golf shots confidently.

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One of the reasons you tend to pitch and chip poorly is because you put pressure on yourself to get the ball really close to the hole. This can happen when your not putting well, but if youre holing shorter putts, this will have a positive effect on your chipping and will even relieve this pressure to get the ball close so you can focus on your swing.

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If you are confident on your shorter putts, you will be feeling comfortable with your putting stroke and the speed of the greens. This will then have a positive effect on your mid and longer range putting as you have great control over your stroke and this will make it easy to control the distance your ball travels.