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How Can A Taller Golfer Create More Power In Their Golf SwingIn theory, taller golfers can generate more power in their golf swing as they have longer limbs than shorter golfers do. Having longer limbs means that a wider and larger swing arc can be created and this is important as the larger your swing arc is, the further you can hit the golf ball.

Your swing arc is the arc or “circle” that the club head creates as it is swung around you. The bigger this arc/circle becomes, the greater distance the club head has to travel around you to get to the golf ball. This is really important because the more distance that the club head has to travel around you, the more speed you are able to generate in it. It is this speed in the club head that then transfers into the golf ball as the club head strikes the ball that generates the distance that the ball then travels.

A taller golfer is likely to have longer arms than a shorter golfer and therefore if all other things were equal, they would, in theory, be able to hit the golf ball further than the shorter golfer.

However, with that being said, one of the longest drivers of a golf ball on Tour at the moment, Rory McIlroy is only 510”. The average height of todays leading Tour players is now over six feet but McIlroy consistently out drives the majority of players on Tour. This just goes to prove that it is not only height that influences how far you are able to strike the golf ball. But in theory, the taller you are as a golfer, the further you should be able to strike the golf ball.

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Taller golfers definitely have an advantage over their shorter counterparts when it comes to being able to generate power in their golf swings. A golfer is unable to change the length of their limbs and limb length is usually connected to a players height. Players with longer limbs have more chance of hitting the golf ball further due to their longer arms and therefore larger swing arc.

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Height is only one factor to consider when it comes to generating power in a golf swing. How strong your muscles are has a massive influence on how far you can strike a golf ball, as does the speed that you can rotate your body at as you swing through impact. Your flexibility levels also influence the power that you can generate. Limb length is an important but not the only factor affecting power generation.

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Height influences limb length. The taller you are, the longer your limbs tend to be. The shorter you are, the shorter your limb length is. If you have longer arms, then you swing the golf club around you on a wider and therefore larger swing arc and this allows you to generate more club head speed and power for your golf shots.