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How Can A Low And Slow Takeaway Help Me Improve My Golf?The beginning of the back swing is the initiation of everything to follow and therefore must be correct.

Although a player doesnt hit the ball with their back swing and many great golfers hit fantastic shots with unorthodox styles, a correct takeaway can help make the golf swing a lot easier. If the takeaway is incorrect it can lead to a number of swing faults later in the swing.

A low and slow takeaway will help a golfer add width to the swing as well as improve tempo. The extra width should create more power whilst a good tempo will improve consistency.

Follow this guide to groove a low and slow takeaway.

  • Take up a solid grip, stance and posture and settle over the ball
  • To instigate the take away a forward press could help keep the rhythm smooth. A forward press involves pushing the hands slightly towards the target (ahead of the ball) before starting the back swing. A forward press should help keep the takeaway smooth
  • Begin to take the club away from the ball with the thought of low and slow. The club should extend away from the player keeping as low to the ground as possible for as long as possible
  • As the takeaway continues the club should extend away from the target as the arms reach parallel with the ground. At this point the arms and club should be fully extended
  • This is the end of the takeaway but the remainder of the back swing should continue at the same pace
  • Because of the low and slow nature of the takeaway the arms will stretch upward into a wide position whilst the swing tempo should also become smoother

A low and slow takeaway can improve many aspects of the golfing technique but mainly width and tempo.

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Although a smooth swing can help players control the club face more, a faulty club face position is probably caused more by a poor grip. Check the grip first before trying to fix the club face whilst swinging.

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Although the shoulders and torso are involved in creating a smooth takeaway, the work is predominantly carried out by the hands and arms. The shoulders and torso really begin to turn and rotate as the club passes past parallel to the ground.

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Taking the club away from the ball long, low and slow will help players remain balanced throughout the back swing. However the predominant reason for golfers losing balance during the swing is an aggressive action through the ball.