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Why Was Lee Trevino So Successful With His Golf SwingLee Trevino was one of the most successful golfers of his era. He won 29 tournaments including six majors and then another 29 events on the Seniors Tour during his playing career. With this type of success and the numbers speak for themselves, you would think that Trevino had a near perfect golf swing. However, when you analyze the Trevino swing from a technical view point, it is far from ideal. Trevino hit his golf shots with a left to right shape. He would position his feet and body so that they were open to the target.

This means if you placed an alignment pole on the floor across his toes, the pole would be on a line to the left of the target, rather than parallel to the target line from the golf ball. He didnt just aim slightly left of the target, at times he would be aiming fifty or sixty yards left of where he wanted the golf ball to finish. When he made his back swing, he would pick the club head up really steeply and get it in to a very high position at the top of his back swing, before dropping it down and driving it through impact.

His swing was extremely steep and off plane and he would swing through impact from outside the target line to inside it, with the club face open to this. This created the distinctive left to right golf shot shape that Trevino is synonymous with. His style is certainly not one that todays leading teaching professionals would suggest you work on replicating, but it was extremely successful even though it was not text book.

The reason his less than text book method of swinging the golf club was so successful though was because Trevino knew exactly what to do with his swing to produce exactly the shot that he wanted. He knew how to swing to create five yards of left to right curve, 30 yards of left to right curve, high left to right curve, low left to right curve.

Trevino understood his swing and method and knew how to hit the shots that he faced when out on the golf course. This allowed him to get around the golf course in very few shots and it is one of the biggest points of learning that club golfers can make. Learn to use the swing that you have, learn what it does and learn how to produce the shots that you need rather than working on changing things constantly. Doing this will get you understanding how your swing works and get you able to hit the different shots you need to shoot low golf scores.

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Lee Trevinos golf swing was very steep and not on plane at all. Swinging the club head on plane is important if you want to hit straight golf shots. But golf is about getting the ball into the 18 holes in the lowest number of shots possible. Your shots do not have to be straight and your swing does not have to be on plane to do this.

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Any text book nowadays that has been written to help you improve your golf will not include Lee Trevinos swing as an example. His swing was certainly not a copy of what is seen in todays instructional text. But he knew exactly the shots that it would produce and how to produce them when needed.

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Lee Trevino hit very few straight golf shots. He is famous for his left to right ball flight and for how much curve he could hit some golf shots with. But the ball always finished exactly in the position that he wanted it in and if you can do this, then you can shoot low golf scores.