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Golf Question What Sort Of Grip Pressure Should I Use To Hit The Golf Ball FurtherHitting the ball further requires a number of different factors to come together, one of these is a relaxed grip pressure.

A relaxed grip is important because it allows the timing of the blow to the ball to be efficient and repeatable. If you hold on to something incredibly tight, the chances of having more control is diminished. This sounds slightly counter intuitive but imagine driving your car or brushing your teeth whilst gripping on to the wheel or tooth brush as tightly as possible.

The grip pressure placed on to a golf grip by the player will have a significant effect on the amount of tension which builds up in the arms. To see this in effect, pick up a golf club in one hand and grip down as tightly as possible. With the other hand, feel the muscles in the forearms, biceps and shoulder. With the grip pressure so tight the muscles should be popping out because of the strain they are under to keep up the grip pressure. Under this amount of strain it will be almost impossible to swing through impact with any kind of rhythm or feel.

If you are gripping the club too tightly, try adjusting your pressure by thinking along the lines of an adjustable scale. At the top of the scale is number 10 which represents the tightest grip pressure you can apply and at the other end is 1 which is the lightest possible grip pressure you can apply. Play around with the scale, hitting shots from 10 to 1 on the scale. When out playing, focus on keeping the grip pressure at about 4 or 5. This should give a nice balance of feel and control.

Another thought to have is of holding a live bird in your hands. The grip pressure needs to be tight enough so the bird does not fly away but soft enough as to not crush the poor creature.

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A firm grip pressure will stunt the amount of power available by building up too much tension in the arms and hands.

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Whilst holding on to the club tightly will not ensure a solid contact, holding it very softly will also have a negative effect as it will feel like there is no solidity in the grip and the player will not be able to build up club head speed.

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If you grip the club as tightly as your body will allow then you not be able to hinge your wrists never mind hit the ball a decent distance! Keep the grip relaxed whilst playing to ensure good timing and longer shots.