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Correct Golf Answer Illusion of perfect strikes

The rise of driving ranges and the invention of good mats has been of massive benefit to the game.

However, there are a number of pitfalls that golfers need to be aware of when practicing. One of the most troublesome is the illusion of perfect strikes. Because the mat is a firm robust surface the club will not dig down into it. When the club hits the mat it will bounce upward or glide across the surface and into the ball.

If golfers are practicing at the range and hitting behind the ball they may not be able to tell because of the way the club reacts; it will give the illusion of a perfect strike. Players need to be aware of this and ensure they do not get lulled into a false sense of security. Because of this, players should always ensure they split their practice time hitting irons between a golf mat and grass. One drill to use to ensure the strikes are consistent is to place a towel on the ground, a grip length behind the ball. If the strikes do become heavy then coming into impact the club will strike the towel and give instant feedback.

Although the illusion of perfect striking can be a problem, the advent of modern driving ranges is overall a good thing for the game and golfers who can use mats when the weather outside is dreadful! Driving ranges and mats also allow players to practice all year round, something not always possible when using a grass range.

Mats are a fantastic way to improve technique but make sure you use them properly.

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When hitting off mats, the body and club will be drawn into aiming automatically with the mat. This is ok as long as golfers ensure they know where the mat is aiming! One way to ensure alignment is not adversely affected is to aim at different targets around the range, not just where the mat is pointed.

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When practicing off mats you are guaranteed a perfect lie every time! This is important to note and understand that when out on the course things wont be so rosy. Split your time effectively between the mat and grass to ensure when a competition comes around you know how the ball will react from a poor lie.

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Ensure when practicing that you have either alignment sticks or clubs down on the mat to show where your ball position is in relation to your stance. Many golfers practice off mats without any concept of ball position.