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Golf Question: What Is The Perfect Follow Through To The Finish For Great Golf Iron Shots?After impact comes the follow through and the swing continues up into the finish position. The whole golf swing is a chain reaction of events where you are moving a piece of mass, the club head, in order to hit a round object, the golf ball.

As you move the club around the body in the back swing then back down to the ball at impact, you are constantly reacting to where the golf club (mass) is positioned. The same reaction is also taking place after the golf ball is hit. To produce the ideal follow through it is essential for the club to be moving in the correct manner before and at impact.

By moving the golf club in the back swing and down swing on the ideal plane, on the concentric circle, this helps you achieve the perfect impact conditions for hitting the golf ball. After the golf ball is hit, the club head will start to move back up and inside the target line on the ideal plane after impact. This plane should match the plane the club came down on into impact. This movement shows the club is travelling in the correct direction. Many golfers have a very linear golf swing where the club travels too much in a straight line back and through, which is a very weak and difficult motion to generate speed from.

As the club moves up and in after impact, the shaft should exit the body just under the lead shoulder when viewed from down the line. You should arrive in your finish nicely balanced with your belt buckle slightly in front of your lead leg, your spine extended and with 95% of your weight favouring your lead foot.

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If after impact your arms fling off and away from your torso, it is a tell tale sign your club wasnt moving correctly before and also at impact. This could mean that the golf club and arms were travelling too much out and away from you on the way down and through impact resulting in possible ball flights of pushes, hooks and blocks.

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When you see tour players finish their swings, they are all in complete control and in balance. If you find that you struggle to stay in balance in your finish position, you have either swung too fast and out of your control, or you are moving incorrectly and letting the golf club control you. In the finish position, the majority of your weight should favour your lead leg.

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If your body leans forward ahead of your hips in your finish position, you are likely to lose a lot of power during the swing. When you look at all the powerful hitters in the game, their weight is on their lead leg with the hips pushed forward in front of the torso in the finish position. This position shows the players body has extended through the shot, which is a huge power source.