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Golf Question: What Is The Perfect Follow Through To The Finish For A Golf Fairway Wood?After the ball has been struck, the club then travels through to the finish. This is known as the follow through. During the follow through, the direction of the swing after impact should stay on the same arc as the down swing, back and around the body.

When the right arm (for a right handed golfer) reaches parallel with the ground, the arms should be angled well inside the ball to target line. A lot of people try to swing their arms out toward the target after impact as they think this will make the ball fly straight. During the swing the club works up and inside on the way back, then back down from the inside to the ball, then back up and in on the follow through. Swinging on the correct arc allows the club to trace the same arc on both sides of the ball without having to apply any manipulation using the hands and arms. With the body continuing to rotate during the down swing and into the follow through allows the club to swing around your body.

As the club continues after impact into the follow through, it should start to trace upwards as well as back to the inside. A good check point for this position is to view a recording of your swing and take note of where the club reappears out of the body. The ideal position is through the middle of your left bicep (for right handed golfers). If the club exits through your neck, the chances are you swung the club too vertically after impact. And the other extreme being swinging too much around your belt line after impact by dragging the club across through impact.

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When it comes to the follow through, the club should trace the correct arc back around the body. Many people try and abbreviate the follow through by stopping not much after impact, believing they will hit the ball straighter this way. By stopping so soon after impact, the chances are you will be losing speed before making contact with the ball.

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When the arms fling off the body after impact, this usually shows that the club has been swung too vertically through impact or that the club is travelling too much from an in to out path. The arms and club should trace the arc back to the inside after impact. Try and feel that the arms and club exit the body under the shoulders into the finish.

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If your arms are dragging too much across your body after impact into the follow through, you will most likely be cutting across the ball with a glancing blow hitting both slices to the right and also hitting shots pulled to the left (for a right handed golfer). Chances are that if the club is swinging too much inside after impact you were too much outside on the down swing. Check where the club and arms exit the body in the follow through. If they are too low and left you need to swing up and to the right (for a right handed golfer).