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Answer What Is Perfect Pre-Round Preparation

Many golfers dont realize that perfect pre-round preparation involves much more than swinging a few clubs by the side of the first tee!

Correct preparation starts with the food and drink you consume the night before a round of golf. Alcohol, the night before a big game will cause loss of concentration, energy and dehydration. The food you eat will also have an impact; eating foods high in complex carbohydrates the night before is recommended to slowly release energy throughout the round. Pre-round players should look to avoid these foods in favor of foods high in vitamins, such as fruit and nuts.

Try to ensure you get to the course with plenty of time to spare. Rushing to the first tee will almost always carry out onto the course.

Practicing before the round should be varied and as real as possible. If you have a driving range at the club just standing on the range and bashing balls away will not give a golfer the best idea of what they experience on the course. Golfers should first complete stretches and then hit shots to different targets, practicing draws and fades, high and low ball flights, wedges, irons and woods. Practicing like this will tune a player into what they will be doing on the course. Try to keep swing thoughts to a minimum and try to focus on achieving a lovely rhythm.

Once the full swing has been practiced and the body is loose, golfers should make their way to the putting green with lots of time to spare. Practicing chipping and putting before a round is probably more important than practicing the full swing so if you are running late focus on these two things before anything else.

Preparing perfectly is something that all the top players do, if you wish to preform to your maximum potential it is something you should also try.

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The best players in the world keep a rigorous diary of what they eat, drink, think, do and even people they speak to throughout the year in order to find out the best pre-round routine. This attention to detail and finding a pattern is what separates the champions from pretenders.

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Players who struggle to get to the course in time for an extensive warm up routine are not excused from preparing correctly. Keep a diary of how best you perform on tight schedule and try to replicate the routine every time you play.

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Too much practice can tire you out before you tee off and make play worse at the end of your round.