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Answer What Is A Bump And Run Golf Shot

A bump and run shot is played from around a green and sees the ball rise into the air before landing on the putting surface and releasing out to the hole.

The bump and run shot is different from other short game shots because the ball spends very little time in the air and rolls out a great deal. A bump and run shot only requires a very small swing and the club shaft shouldnt reach a point where is travels past parallel to the ground. If it does, the wrists will begin to hinge and create extra power, this is where the pitch shot begins.

Bump and run shots could be described as the original short game shot used by old pros when golf was mainly played around links courses. The bump and run shot spends most of its time traveling along the ground and is perfect for fast fairways and dry greens. With many modern courses, particularly parkland and American style courses, the rough around the green is quite high and favors a more floated chip shot but the bump and run should not be discounted and needs to be learnt to complete the short game arsenal.

Players looking to play the bump and run should practice with a number of different clubs and use the shot when just off the side of the green. The point of the bump is to just nudge the ball onto the putting surface before letting it roll. This means the club selection can be very varied, from a sand wedge to a fairway metal. Probably the most used club for a bump and run is the 9 iron which allows the golfer to lift the ball from most lies and get the ball rolling towards the hole.

The ability to play a bump and run should be practiced by golfers of all levels to allow as much variation as possible around the green.

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On links courses which are dry and fast, the bump and run can be played from a long way off the green but be careful. The bump and run will roll a long way across the ground once it pitches; this makes a fuller and higher pitch shot more preferable from longer distances.

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The bump and run does require a short swing but certainly shouldnt be misconstrued as a stab! It requires the ball to be lifted slightly off the ground with a short back swing and a short follow through along with soft delicate hands.

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The bump and run is for situations when the ball needs to be lifted over a small hurdle, this could be the fringe or a little rough in front of the green. It is used for situations when the balls need to fly over this hurdle. If there is nothing between the ball and green then using a putter may be a good option.