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Golf Question What Does Releasing The Golf Club MeanThe direction of the golf ball is important to produce a good golf shot but it is also one of the most difficult aspects of the game to get right. Firstly, you need to determine how to hit the ball straight and it is a combination of where the club face is pointing at impact and its relationship with the swing path into the ball.

The hands hinge during the back swing, meaning they need to unhinge through impact. This release motion helps square the club face up to the target and increases club head speed to hit straighter, longer shots.

The release of the club starts when the club shaft is approximately parallel to the ground on the down swing, with the toe of the club pointing up to the sky and finishes on the follow through when the club shaft is approximately parallel to the ground, with the toe of the club pointing up to the sky. This is a 180 degree rotation that happens at speeds upwards of 70 miles per hour for the average golfer, and is done so by the hands releasing and hinging on the other side whilst hitting the ball in the middle as the club face points at the desired target line.

The release is a complex area of the swing because it cannot be controlled too much because of its speed. When executed too fast it can cause the ball to go left and if it is too slow, it can cause the ball to go right and the shape of the shot afterwards is relative to the swing path. An important statistic to remember is that 85% of the time the ball starts where the club face points, so in terms of your own feedback, you can relate the shot to the club face and then to the release.

A good practise drill to help you release your hands through impact would be to stand up straight, lift your arms and club up to waist height and swing the club around your body with a light grip of the club. You will hear the club swooshing through impact. This indicates your hands are moving through impact.

The next stage is your timing. Hitting lots of practice balls will help you identify the best speed and rhythm for your swing to hit the straightest shots. If the ball goes right, then speed your hands up and if it goes left, try to push your hands and arms further right to counteract the fast release.

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Rolling of the wrists is an area to be wary of. The wrists only ever hinge during the swing. If you think you roll your wrists during the back swing then you will opening the club face and it will take an equal amount of roll during the down swing to straighten the club face up again. This will lead to huge inconsistencies in distance and direction.

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Releasing the club is terminology for how the club face approaches the ball and what forces are acting upon it to square the face relative to your target. If you let the club go then you are holding the club too lightly or have totally misunderstood the term!

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How firm to hold the golf club is a popular question but too lightly can cause a complete loss of control. You will be unaware of where the club is or at what angle the club face is. Hold the club tight enough to move your hands but also to move them with control.