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Golf Question What Does Stuck Behind On The Golf Down Swing Mean How Can I Stop ItGetting stuck behind on the down swing is a reference to the positioning of the golf club and the impact it has on the shot.

Getting the club stuck behind you on the down swing is a popular term of phrase amongst commentators when watching the PGA Tour, most notably, Tiger Woods who had this problem with the driver.

It is when the golf club approaches the ball from a position that is too much on the inside relative to the target line meaning the club face cannot straighten up to the target and remains square or open to the path most commonly causing a push or push slice. Players will then tend to work their hands harder through the impact zone to get the club face most closed to the path therefore creating a vicious low hook shot to the left. These two shots are extremely detrimental to the game as it can cause fairways to be missed by a long way and potentially lead to penalty shots.

To prevent this type of shot from happening, the player should work on getting the club more in front of them on the down swing so the club approaches the ball from a straighter angle. Try and hit fade shots by encouraging the club to cut across the ball. This will straighten up the horizontal swing path of those who consistently get stuck on the down swing, especially with the driver.

If the golfer is performing this shot correctly and working on changing the swing issue, you should see the ball moving from left to right in the air or even hitting a slight pull shot.

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Getting the club stuck behind on the down swing can cause some really heavy strikes on the ball. It is important that the player tries to steepen the angle of attack into the ball otherwise the club will approach the ball too shallow and catch the ground before the ball.

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A player who gets the club stuck behind them on the down swing will hit the ball right or if the club face turns fast enough through impact they may hit a a hook shot. However, to combat this, more hip turn should not be used as this will only cause the club to get stuck behind themselves even more and cause poor strikes as coming into the ball even flatter will cause more fat and thin shots as well as poor directional shots.

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The fundamentals are the most important aspect of any golf swing and can make an invaluable difference to the outcome of a golf shot. However, the fundamentals of the set up will not have any effect on the players swing with regards to getting stuck on the down swing as this movement is generally created by the transition from the top of the swing.