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Golf Question: What Does Getting Stuck On The Golf Down Swing Mean?This is not a phrase you hear too often in your local golf club, but you may hear it a lot when you watch golf on television and it relates to the players down swing path into the ball.

    Many amateurs swing from out to in cant really get too stuck, however, better and more advanced players such as professionals and low handicappers will refer to this term more often.

    It refers to a position in the down swing when the club is approaching the ball from a really flat position, meaning the club is coming from behind the golfers right leg and swinging from in to out. This type of shot can cause a big push because the club face may be square to the path. It can cause a push slice where the face is open to the path and it can cause a hook when the club face is closed to both face and swing path.

    If you are a player who thinks that they get stuck on the down swing and you think the related shots relate specifically to this swing theory then you need to get on to the driving range and work on an improved, more consistent path.

    Firstly, try to hit fade shots which require an out to in path. This will help to keep the club more in front of you during the swing. To do this, pick a target and use two alignment sticks pointing just left of target. Ignore these for your back swing but on your down swing try and swing parallel to the sticks to encourage an adjustment in path.

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Some terms in golf can be difficult to understand so make sure you know what each term means, because you could get very confused watching golf or hearing others talk about it.

When the club gets stuck in the floor, it signifies a very heavy shot or fat, and if it does get stuck in the floor, then an angle of attack adjustment will be your next swing change.

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Getting the club stuck does not relate to any type of lower body movement. It is describing the angle in which the club is approaching the ball from. In this instance it is too flat causing the body to slow down, the arms to catch up but then an inconsistency in strike and direction.

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Getting stuck on the golf swing is not terminology you may read in too many magazines but it will be used by pundits on TV or by professionals whilst playing so it is good know its full meanings so you can keep up to date with a players progress and understand why they hit a bad shot.