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Golf Question: What Does Double Crossing Mean In A Golf Swing?Two of the most common shots of amateur golfers are the pull shot and the slice shot which ironically enough have the same swing but the difference is the club face angle at impact.

    A lot of players who slice the ball will aim left to compensate for their slice, but occasionally they hit the ball straight left and have no idea why some believe they have cured their slice, others believe they have two different swings!

    The pull shot will tend to sneak into a players game when the irons increase towards the 8 or 9 iron or pitching wedges because less curvature is produced and with the shorter shafts, the club head can be rotated and manipulated just enough to straighten it to the path.

    Both swings have approached the ball from an out to in path but both have different club face alignments at impact. The slice will have a club face pointing right of the path creating curvature. The pull with have the club face pointing along the swing path line to hit the ball straight left. This is called a double cross.

    It is often witnessed at the highest level but by players trying to hit the fade shot. The pull will tend to occur under pressure or when the shot difficulty is high. The hands will just work a little extra to ensure the fade isnt too far but this invariably ends up missing left.

    If the slice and pull combination applies to you then work hard on your swing path. Try to straighten it out and then release the hands better through impact. The pull shows the hands can work through impact but the slice shows minimal movement. There is no quick fix so work hard on getting your swing path in to out.

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The double cross doesnt relate to the players alignment, it is based on the type of shot you hit and where it ends up. It usually comes from a player who slices the ball and ends up trying to hit the ball left instead of right and speeds up with their hands.

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The double cross is often played by the players who slice the ball so the characteristics are very similar except the club faces at impact are opposites so therefore are the shots. The slice will go right with curvature. The pull will go straight left with no curve.

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A double cross will go left, however, a hooked shot is down to the relationship between swing path and club head alignment at impact being opposite. For example, the swing path would be in to out with the club closed to the path and the target, creating a big hook shot. A pull is where the face is left of target but square to an out to in swing path.