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Golf Question Should I Commit To My Golf Shots When Im Playing SafeCommitment when hitting golf shots is essential to effective performance – especially in pressure situations. When players start to doubt the shot they are trying to hit it is very rare that shot will be successful.

This applies for every golf shot. From hitting a drive over water to an island fairway to chipping the ball sideways from the trees and back into play. Commitment and focus are needed on every shot because every shot requires all your attention.

Many golfers switch off when they perceive a shot to be easy, assuming that because it is simpler the result is never in doubt. However, as many golfers will be aware, things are rarely simple in golf and commitment is required for even the simplest two foot putts!

To ensure commitment on every shot, golfers should go through the same pre-shot routine for every shot no matter its simplicity.

Begin the pre-shot routine when the bag is placed by the ball. Use this moment (the bag impacting the ground), to release all thoughts about previous shots. Golfers can do this because they are blessed with having control over their emotions. Understand that no matter how much it hurt, the previous shots have gone and cannot be returned.

  • From behind the ball, assess all the different elements which could affect the shot such as lie, wind direction, weather conditions and obstacles to overcome.
  • After the different elements have been weighed up, select the club to be used and the type of shot you want to play. Its vital to commit to the shot you want to play.
  • Stand behind the line of the shot and imagine the ball traveling towards your target. Really try and see it fly through the air.
  • Imagining a great shot is a way for your brain to tell the body what to do.
  • Take a few practise swings imagining the ball flying towards the target.
  • Set up to the ball after aligning yourself to the target and let the shot go.

After the shot has been hit, select a point 10 yards in front of the ball. No matter what the result of the shot, commit to leaving it behind once you cross that point.

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Easier shots are a golfers perceptions of the task ahead. This perceived reality is not often accurate and can lead to the simplest shots turning disastrous. Focus and commit to every shot.

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Real danger can crop up at any given moment on the golf course – golf is that hard! Relax the mind between shots, but when by the ball, focus and commit to everything.

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Commitment, focus and trying too hard are different things. Players can still be relaxed and committed to the shot they are trying to play. Commitment is key on all shots hard or simple.