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Golf Question: Should I Decelerate Into My Golf Shots To Hit Them Straighter?Deceleration through impact is a cause of countless issues in the swing whether it is with a driver, pitching wedge or putter. Do not decelerate through impact for more control.

    When a player decelerates through the ball, it stops the body functioning to its usual capabilities. For example, it may cause the arms and wrists in particular to release much earlier into the ball, shallowing out the clubs angle of attack, and therefore hitting fat or even thin shots.

    If the swings angle of attack is unaffected then the club face alignment at impact would be most inconsistent because the release and rotation of the club head through the impact zone happens at the players natural club head speed and slowing this speed down would cause an error in a players timing.

    It is easy for amateurs to believe that they will have more control and therefore hit straighter shots at a slow speed as less can go wrong but in fact it will cause more off centre hits with poor and inconsistent direction.

    Once the back swing is completed with a good, strong coil of the shoulders and hips, the swing speed should gradually increase on the down swing by unleashing the tension and resistance to hit the ball as far as ever.

    The follow through position is a good indictor as to whether you are accelerating or decelerating through impact. When you get on to the practice tee, make sure that for every full shot you hit, your hips and shoulders are pointing towards the target or even left of it with your right foot on to its toes. If you find your follow through is not fully complete, it could be down to decelerating through impact.

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Depending on your swing speed at present or what happens in your swing, an overall slower swing could benefit your game but not a swing that is deliberately slowing down through impact. Slowing down through impact will pose more problems than improvements due to the ever changing angle of the club face.

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Decelerating when playing any type of shot is an absolute no no! We dont want any loss of velocity into the ball whether its a putt or drive because all momentum and feel that has been created during the back swing will be lost and the strike will be worse.

Chipping is an area where the follow through should be longer than the back swing so make sure there is no deceleration through impact otherwise you will lose all feel for strike and distance control.

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If you are having issues with any part of your game, look at the fundamentals first and then diagnose the issue from there. Do not jump to conclusions or look for quick fixes that can help you on a short term basis.

Changing the swing path maybe the correct way to straighten up your shots but make sure it is correctly diagnosed and not just assumed as the correct change.