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Answer Should I Care About The Cover On My Golf BallThe cover of the golf ball is very important as it can improve every part of the game from shot accuracy to distance and feel around the green.

There are a number of different golf balls on the market, each one making a number of claims about how they perform. Golfers must judge their own needs and then pick a ball accordingly. Players struggling with distance, for example, may be better suited to choosing a ball with a hard cover. Golfers looking to increase the amount of spin they produce may be better suited to picking a ball with a much softer cover.

In general, balls which feature a harder cover will travel further because they will spin less when compared to a softer ball which will have more spin imparted upon it at impact. This includes side spin as well as back spin, so harder covered ball will tend to fly straighter through the air. Softer covered balls come into their own when players are looking for more spin around the green. The more back spin which can be generated with a wedge shot will mean the ball is likely to stop quickly once it lands. Players looking to shape the ball through the air will also be better off with a softer ball which will be easier to fade or draw.

The more expensive a golf ball becomes, the more layers it will tend to feature. Market leaders such as the Titleist Pro-V1 golf ball have multiple layers. The outside cover is soft to increase backspin and feel whilst the inner cores interact to deliver explosive power when struck with more force. Players looking to improve their game need to take all these different constructions into account.

Players looking to improve their game should invest time into investigating every aspect of golf, including the cover of their balls.

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Unfortunately, having a durable golf ball DEPENDS on what the cover is made out of. Usually, harder covers last longer than softer ones because they resist cutting up or scuffing at impact with the club or ground. However, using a very hard covered ball will not do much for pitching, chipping or putting feel.

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This way of thinking puts the cart very much before the horse. Players hitting wild slices, for example, could be using a soft covered ball which increases side spin. Taking the time to try out balls with different covers can have a transformative effect.

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Although some lake balls can be good value, the cover will begin to slowly disintegrate almost immediately after becoming submerged in water. The cover is the point of contact between club and ball; make sure it is up to scratch!