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Golf Question: How Should I Play A Downhill Golf Chip Shot?When hitting chip shots from a downhill lie there are a number of adjustments that need to be made as a sloping lie throws up a number of different challenges.

First of all, the downhill lie will effectively de-loft any club used depending on the severity of the slope. This means the overall trajectory of the shot will be lower, but also the distance, as any de-lofting of the club with increase the overall distance of the shot. When hitting a chip on to a green this will cause the ball to roll more.

The reason the club is de-lofted by a downhill slope is because of the adaption golfers need to make to their set up. If the ground is perfectly flat, a golfers spine angle is almost perpendicular to the ground. However, when the slope begins to tilt towards the target the spine angle must also follow, tilting the golfer towards the target and de-lofting the club. Use this technique when hitting chips off a downhill lie.

  • Hold the club a little more down the grip for more control.
  • The club face should be square to the target line with the shoulders parallel to this line
  • The feet and hips should also be slightly open to the target line as normal
  • The ball position should be slightly back of center. This will help the player strike the ball first
  • When adapting the spine angle to the slope, more weight will naturally drift on to the left foot towards the target
  • Place the hands opposite the front thigh as normal
  • Keep the arms, wrists and hands connected when hitting the shot. The shoulders should power the technique rocking the hands back and through
  • At impact, players want to feel they are in the same position as they were at address, spine perpendicular to the slope and hands slightly ahead of the ball
  • Keep balanced as the club passes down the slope and dont try to lean back and help the ball up in the air.
  • The ball will fly lower than normal and run and little more once it lands.

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    Leaning back when hitting a chip from a downhill slope could cause a player to lose their spine angle in relation to the slope. Keep the spine angle tilted towards the target and with the slope.

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    Flicking the hands through impact will cause the club head to hit the ball with an ascending arc, this will cause a skulled shot. Keep the hands ahead of the ball at impact and ensure the swing arc bottoms out after the ball.

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    Moving all the body weight on to the front foot will cause the player to lose balance on a downhill chip. Ensure the spine angle is correct and the technique should follow. Although hitting chip shots off a downhill lie is not easy, ensuring the spine angle and set up are correct will help create the conditions of a successful shot.