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Correct Golf Answer Split time between techniques

Many people who have busy jobs or hectic social and family commitments may not have hours of free time to practice.

Because of this, making the most from your practice sessions becomes vital. Even for those who have lots of time to hone their skill, using practice wisely is a must. The most important thing golfers must do is split their time between different techniques as this is the only way to develop a solid, all round game. However, players can improve quicker by focusing their efforts on certain areas.

Many golfers feel that their time is better spent by hitting longer shots such as irons and the driver. However, during a round of golf, the most shots a player will hit will be with the wedges and putter. In other words, golfers need to leave the driving range and focus on their short game first. Even if players have only an hour to practice per week, 45 minutes of this should be devoted to chipping, pitching, putting and bunker play; only 15 should be handed over to the full swing. Everyone knows that a good chipper and putter can be a match for anyone, however, its always more tempting to focus on hitting the longer shots. Golfers who are serious about improving their game and getting the most from their practice session should concentrate on the shorter shots.

One obstacle to this could be appropriate facilities. Almost everyone will have access to a driving range of some description but not every club has good short game facilities. This can be overcome however by clever practice such as putting at home, chipping in the back yard and achieving better swing positions using a mirror as a guide.

Practice time can be precious, spend it wisely.

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Almost every golfer is guilty of this at one time or another – simply focusing on bashing the driver. Scores will drop and confidence will soar if the time spent smacking a driver was turned over to putting or chipping instead. If time is not an issue then practice driving in moderation with the other aspects of your game.

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If practice time is not a factor then dont indulge too much in bashing balls at the range. Weave your long game practice and short game practice together to form a better all round game.

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One thing which many people struggle with is a torrent of different swing thoughts when practicing. Just focus on one or two key areas and focus on them. Dont fill your head with a million thoughts at one time.