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Correct Golf Answer Skim the club through and pick the ball cleanly

The key to hitting the lob wedge from tight lies is achieving a correct set up, technique and understanding of bounce angle.

Hitting a lob wedge from a tight lie will be required if a high floating shot over a particular obstacle such as a bunker or heavy rough is needed. It is a technically demanding technique and should be practiced extensively before being attempted on the course. If you do not have the chance to practice hitting lob wedges from tight lies then look for an alternative route into the hole.

With a tight lie, players need to nip the club away very cleanly. This favors a ball position in the centre of the stance with a little weight pressed onto the front foot. Golfers who need to hit the ball higher should open up the club face and stance slightly. Most lob wedges have a smaller degree of bounce angle than sand wedges. However, care must be taken not to use a lob wedge with lots of bounce which would lead to skulled or thin shots. Reducing the amount of bounce angle on a club can be achieved by actively closing the club face slightly but this technique will need practice. Practice this technique when faced with a lob shot from a tight lie.

  • Set up with the ball in the middle of the stance. Place 60% body weight onto the front foot.
  • Press slightly ahead of the ball and keep the club face square to the target. Only open if a very high shot is required.
  • Keep the hands relaxed and attempt to nip the club cleanly under the ball.

Hitting shots from tight lies is very difficult but with practice and a good lob wedge those tricky shots around the green should be much easier to manage.

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Hitting down sharply from tight lies with a lob wedge will cause inconsistent strikes and the ball to come out lower than usual. It will also be very hard to nip the ball away cleanly with a steep angle of attack. The most likely result will be a low shot and a big divot rather than the high shot and shallow divot required.

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Hitting a full flop shot from a tight lie is very, very difficult as the club needs to get underneath a ball lying tight to the surface. Only after extensive practice should this exceptionally high tariff shot be played in competition. Increase your margin of error and attempt to nip the ball away cleanly.

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Extra wrist hinge during the back swing will cause a steep angle of attack into the ball. It is easier to nip the ball away cleanly by maintaining soft hands but keeping the wrist movement to a minimum.