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Golf Question How Should I Change My Golf Swing When It Is WindyMany players get the wrong idea once the wind begins to increase by believing they should swing harder and hit the ball

However, to try and control the ball, better golfers would be better suited at allowing the swing speed to remain smooth and rhythmical. This allows players to control the trajectory and spin of the ball better. If they couple this with a technique that naturally hits the ball lower, the resulting shot will be more successful in the wind. Use this guide to play better in the wind. For this example when practising, use a 7 iron (the ball will move further forward as the clubs
get longer).

  • At set up, place the ball just back of centre in the stance
  • The club should be aimed straight down the ball-to-target line but the feet and hips should be set parallel to this line.
  • Place about 70% body weight on the front foot and lean the shaft towards the target so the hands are ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • Swing the club away using the body to power the stroke. Golfers want to keep the wrist movement to a minimum.
  • The back swing should be short in length and coming through impact players need to punch through the ball.
  • Punching through the ball means 70% of the body weight should remain on the front foot ensuring a downward strike and the hands should return at impact ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • The follow through should be short with very little wrist hinge once again.
  • Because the swing is short and punchy the ball will fly out low.
  • If the golfer tries to pick up their swing speed using this method the ball could come out with too much spin and rise up into the air.

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Although hitting the ball hard is a temptation when the wind begins to blow, having the ability to hit the ball where you want requires more control than brute force. Players will benefit more from controlling the pace of their swing.

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Hitting the ball with a draw can help in some situations, for example, when holding the ball up against a left to right wind, however, that type of shot then becomes uncontrollable when the wind switches around.

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Many people try to shape the ball with the wind but this can cause big issues of over drawing and over fading the ball when the wind buffets the shot out of the way. Trying to hit the ball with less spin and power should lead to an increase in consistency.