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Golf Question How Important Is Golf Swing Tempo, How Can I Improve ItEvery golfer in the world has a different tempo of golf shot, and no particular tempo is right or wrong.

The best examples of this are on the professional tours with players such as Ernie Els, otherwise known as the big easy! His swing appears to be very smooth and easy to watch whilst simultaneously he creates a huge coil and generates a massive amount of power to hit the ball a long way.

Other examples would be Tiger Woods and Rory McIlory who also generate a lot of power during their swings but manage huge club head speed through impact.

A big misconception amongst golfers is telling each other to slow down and they will hit it better, but this can often do more harm than good. It is expectable for some golfers who slice the ball because reducing velocity will create less slice spin and therefore miss fairways by smaller margins!

Slowing the golf swing down will not help improve ball striking because there arent many amateurs that can swing close to the speed of a professional, so the tempo of a golf swing needs to work with the technique so the swing can be controlled consistently. Without a balanced and consistent tempo, the player will have no control over the mechanics of their golf swing and therefore no control over the outcome of the shot.

To figure out the best tempo for the golf swing, a player needs to try swinging at different speeds to see which is most suited to their technique and maximize their distance and ball striking. The tempo of the golf swing will define the outcome of the shot through the ball striking and timing.

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The tempo of the golf swing will vary from player to player but it should certainly not be as fast as possible. All players can swing faster but they sacrifice control and with that, consistency.

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This statement is false because without a good tempo of golf swing, the technique will not remain consistent on the golf course. A good technique should be complimented by a good consistent tempo but the two elements of the swing need to work together. A good tempo is vital for golf swing control and consistency on the golf course.

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A good technique with a nice and slow tempo will cause the ball to travel less distance when struck. With a slow tempo, the swing could not produce the same timing as it would when going faster, so this is an aspect that needs working on down at the driving range.