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Golf Question How Do Tour Pros Strike The Golf Ball So Cleanly Every TimeTour pros are the best in the world at what they do because of their consistency to set up and follow a routine every time they hit golf shot, whether it is on the practise range or the golf course.

A pre-shot routine helps get a player in the right frame of mind to hit a golf shot as it gives them the ability to block out external distractions such as moving crowds, playing partners, their private lives and previous bad shots. Amateurs rarely have a pre-shot routine, and are much more social about their games therefore cannot be fully prepared to hit the best possible shot every time.

A tour pros pre-shot routine will generally consist of:

  • Check the lie
  • Get a yardage
  • Measure the wind
  • Measure the pros and cons of the shot
  • Choose a club
  • Practise swings
  • Alignment
  • Positive imagery and self-talk
  • Set up correctly and execute the shot to the maximum ability.

Another huge difference between tour pros and amateurs is the consistent set up routine and ability to change their set up according to the club selection chosen. Tour pros know exactly what set up is required for a pitching wedge compared to a 5 iron, a hybrid or a driver.

If you give amateurs 10 balls to hit with a 7 iron, the set up will change bit by bit after each shot, depending on their previous shot or just through being unaware.

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The fact that tour pros have better equipment is slightly misguided, although they do have access to all the latest equipment whenever they want and at no cost. Amateurs do also have the opportunity to purchase the latest clubs at the same time. Lee Westwood, for example, was using a driver which was three models old because it was his favoured club, so does the better equipment really make a difference between amateurs and tour pros and hitting the ball cleanly every time?

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Its no secret that tour pros do play every single day aside from travelling to tournaments so the amount they play will be a massive help to their ball striking but its the quality of the practise sessions that make the biggest difference as to why they are so good. Balancing the practise sessions between all areas of the game from putting to driving, to fitness work in the gym, and including the food they eat are all important factors.

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All golfers need some luck out there on the course, but at the same time you create your own luck through good practice and good golf. No player has ever made it on tour purely through being lucky so its time to practice hard!