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Golf Question How Does Jim Furyk Play Good GolfJim Furyks golf swing is an extraordinary action that no one has so far been able to replicate with any real success.

It flies in the face of accepted practices within the golf swing and has baffled countless golfers across the world, indeed one commentator likened the swing to an octopus falling from a tree.

The reason many people struggle to understand why Furyk hits good shots lies in their belief that technically perfect positions in the takeaway and back swing dictate what happens at impact.

In many cases, adhering to technically sound positions can help golfers improve but Furyk proves that as long as a player trusts their swing and repeats the same impact conditions then it is possible to hit great shots with an unusual technique.

Jim Furyks Golf Swing – Step by Step

At set up, Furyk has his hands very close to the legs with a slightly arched spine angle. Normally, most golfers will benefit from the hands being at least six inches from the thighs with the spine angle straight.

On the takeaway, Furyk rotates the club face so it points towards the ground in a closed position. Most golfers would be inclined to hit a pull or a hook from this position later on in the swing.

As the club moves up to the top of the swing, the shaft points vertically towards the sky and the right arm comes away from the body. This series of movements gets Furyk into an incredibly upright position at the top of the swing.

From here, the hips begin to turn very quickly during the down swing and the club loops round and behind the body, approaching the ball from an inside path.

Because of the hands being close to the body at address, during the down swing the grip moves very close to the right leg through impact. However, because Furyk is able to repeat the same positions every time throughout the swing, he knows the impact is repeatable and will produce the same results every time.

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Although Furyk is undoubtedly one of the best natural talents to ever swing a club, he has grooved and improved his talent by countless hours of practise. Talent will only take a golfer so far, hard work is required to make the most of that talent.

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Hand/eye coordination is something that the best players in the world possess in abundance but the ability to achieve consistent impact positions comes from practising that coordination.

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Furyk has only worked with one coach his entire career (his dad) which is unusual in the modern game. He trusts his fathers belief in the swing they built and his father understands every inch of the technique so can quickly correct anything which slips out of sync. Furyk plays great golf because he has learnt to trust the swing and groove the impact position.