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Golf ball flying to the cup. Zooming to the hole.

Many amateurs believe professionals harbor some sort of magic secret which allows them to spin the ball around the green.

But golfers of all levels can increase the amount of back spin they create by simply striking the ball with a descending blow, a square face and a high lofted club.

Professionals create lots of back spin because they are consistently striking down and through the ball with high lofted irons and wedges. They also hit the ball hard with great club head speed.

Players looking to increase the amount of back spin they produce can try this drill.

  • At a driving range, place a towel 3 inches behind where you will be hitting balls from. Use a wedge or high lofted iron for this drill.
  • Try to swing down into impact, avoiding the towel and strike the ball. This downward strike will increase back spin.
  • If you avoid the towel, try to ensure the ground is struck after impact. On a grass range or on the course this will create $1 note sized divots.
  • You can start off slow with this drill but then increase the power you put into the shot. Remember the more speed you produce at impact will mean more spin is imparted on the ball.

This drill is designed to help a player strike down and through the ball. Practice this and the amount of spin produced will increase.

To create more back spin look at your technique and equipment. Its easier than you might think to increase the amount of back spin you produce.

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The higher the loft of club a player uses, the more spin is achievable. The amount of backspin you produce with a pitching wedge will be much higher than a 3 iron. The greatest amount of spin is produced by the highest lofted clubs.

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The construction of the club is important as is the ball you use. A soft forged head will produce more spin and feel. A ball with a hard cover will spin less than a multi-layer ball with a soft cover. If you want to produce more spin look carefully at the equipment you use.

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Hitting up on the ball will produce more height but not more spin. Hitting up on the ball is also less consistent than a solid strike down and through.