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Answer How Do I Play A Bump And Run Golf Shot

A bump and run is a simple technique to learn because the swing is comparatively small to other short game shots.

The idea of the bump and run is to lift the ball onto the green and let it release out to the hole. It is played when a golfer needs to hit the ball over a small piece of ground such as the fairway or fringe. Use the following set up and swing to achieve the most consistent results.

How to hit a bump and run

  • Holding the club slightly further down the grip will give a golfer more control.
  • The club face should be aimed at the target or where the golfer wants to land the ball. Remember the bump and run will roll along the ground and should be treated like a long putt.
  • The feet and hips should be open to the target line. With a full shot the hips have time to rotate through impact. This is not possible with a bump and run so golfers should open their stance slightly to the target.
  • Whichever club is used, the ball should be placed between the middle of the stance and the back foot. Players should look to then place 60% of their body weight on the front foot.
  • The hands should then be pushed just ahead of the ball leaning the shaft towards the target. This hand position as well as the change in weight distribution will help create a crisp, downward strike on the ball.
  • It will be easier to control the bump and run by rocking the shoulders back and through much like a putting stroke. This pendulum motion will cause the club to travel no further back than parallel with the ground.
  • Players should keep the grip as relaxed as possible to aid feel.
  • During the stroke, the shoulders rock back and through with the arms, wrists and hands connected together. This will increase consistency.
  • At impact, the wrists should be firm and the hands should return at impact ahead of the ball. Again, this will aid a downward strike on the ball.
  • As the ball is hit it will travel a little through the air before landing and rolling out towards the target.

Use this technique to play better bump and run shots when just off the green.

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Because the bump and run should travel along the ground and roll out towards the target using a high lofted wedge is not advisable. Players looking to increase consistency with the bump and run need to strike down and through the ball using a short iron such as an 8 iron.

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Remember the ball should pitch and roll with a bump and run, adding back spin will not help improve the consistency of the shot.

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Although the motion used during a bump and run can seem quite mechanical, golfers need to ensure they keep their hands soft and relaxed to add feel and touch around the green.