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Golf Question: How Can My Right Leg Help Me Hit The Golf Ball Further?Weight transference and hip rotation play a massive role in increasing the distance of the golf ball. The right leg in particular is a great source of power during the swing because it allows a player to rotate the hips through impact and transfer weights on to the front foot.

Players are often seen straightening the right leg at the top of the back swing, not using it at all on the down swing to help transfer weight. Once the right leg straightens on the back swing then hip rotation for the down swing is slowed down and the majority of players will then swing around their right hip causing the club to approach the ball from an out to in swing path.

In contrast, if the right leg stays flexed during the back swing and the weight shifts on to and around the right hip, a player can then transfer weight towards the target using the right leg as a springboard in which to power the hips.

A great drill for doing this would be to use an impact bag or go old fashioned and grab a tyre to hit against, but the aim is to hit the bag with your lower body leading, so at the point of impact your hips should be facing the target. The swing will instantly feel faster and more powerful but controlled at the same time.

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There is no shot in golf where the player should be seen with their weight on the back foot at impact or through impact, unless the shot really requires it or it is a specialist shot. It will not only cause havoc on the clubs swing path, but once the weight goes on to the right foot on the down swing, this effectively means the club is going towards the target and the body is going away from it. These two forces contradict each other causing a decrease in swing speed and loss of power. The weight staying on the back foot will also cause the shaft to lean away from the target adding loft to the face, creating a higher less penetrating ball flight, leading to less distance.

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Straightening of the right leg at the top of the back swing can lead to a reverse pivot where the weight falls too much on to the left side. This then means that rotation is made much more difficult because there is too much weight on the left side. This will cause most swing paths to come from out to in therefore hindering the hip rotation further. The angle of attack will also be affected because of the weight being on the left side too much, therefore creating a lot more fat shots.

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The right leg has so many positive influences on the golf swing. In the days of Nicklaus and Palmer, lateral movement from the right leg was a huge way of creating power. However, it caused a reverse C position at impact and with the up to date technology and increasing knowledge of the biomechanics, this was bad for long term fitness and flexibility. The finding also proved the hip turn through impact was much more powerful. The right leg still plays a substantial role in adding power to shots because the weight at the top is slightly favouring the right side so the right foot helps transfer the weight and drive the hip rotation through the ball.