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Golf Question How Can My Golf Set Up Make My Swing More AthleticTo allow the body to move athletically through the ball, players need to establish a solid posture then allow the body to move in the correct order. The most athletic players always adopt similar postures which allows their bodies to move in the best way.

Follow this drill to nail down a solid posture:

  • Hold the club out in front of your belly button with the biceps pressed in slightly to the side of your chest. The legs should be straight to begin with.
    Stand up as tall as possible (as though to attention) with the shoulders back and chest puffed out.
  • From this position, tilt forwards keeping the back as straight as possible. Make sure the hips are pushed back and the spine remains straight.
  • The spine should continue to tilt forward until the club touches the ground. When the club reached the ground as some flex to the knees.
  • The feeling should be just a bounce in the knees, an athletic feeling and not a bend.
  • This posture will allow the body to move in an athletic manner without having to make compensations. Use the following sequence when swinging to achieve an athletic motion:

  • The club is taken away from the ball using the hands, arms, shoulders, torso and hips in that order. As the hips are the last thing to move during the back swing they turn a relatively small amount.
  • At the beginning of the down swing, the sequence is reversed and the hips rotate toward the target turning through the same position they were at address, continuing to turn towards the target. At impact, the hips should have opened to the target
  • After impact, when the golfer raises up out of the posture to face the target, the hips, chest and eyes should be all facing forward.

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The top players, such as Rory McIlroy, swing with incredible athleticism because they are incredible athletes. If you want to swing like these players, you also need to train the body to be as healthy as possible.

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Dont get suckered into believing that lots of weight and strength training is the way to improve athleticism. Most golfers will benefit more from stretching.

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Swinging faster does not automatically mean that the movement will be more athletic. Athleticism is achieved by a correct sequence not by thrashing at the ball! Get a correct posture and swing sequence for a more athletic swing.