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Golf Question: How Can It Help Me If I Hold My Golf Swing Finish Position?You cannot improve the outcome of the shot in spite of the follow through position because the ball has already gone. However, the through swing gives indications of what came before.

    For example, players that swing from out to in will struggle to fully rotate during the down swing and will therefore finish with a shortened follow through. Players who decelerate through impact will also struggle to get into a full follow through position.

    The down swing is initiated with the hips rotating from the top of the back swing. This will lead to a gradual increase in speed which keeps on increasing after impact. The momentum should take the player to a follow position which will:

  • Have all their weight on the left side
  • Right foot on to the toes with the heel pointing backwards
  • Shoulders square on to the target or even left of it
  • Club over the left shoulder and behind the neck
  • Whilst practising this follow through, you will naturally feel an increase in swing speed. Dont be afraid of this extra speed, it will help increase distance on your shots.

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The finish position has a positive influence on all aspects of your game. If you can create a full turn through impact it means the swing has maintained its gradual increase of speed which was created on the down swing. Whether with a driver or a pitching wedge, the follow through should always be longer than the back swing to guard against any deceleration through impact.

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We tend to see a few shots on the PGA Tour where a player gets a little excited and follows the ball but this is extremely rare and can only happen when they are in thick rough or trying to hit the ball beyond their normal max distance. The swing should be a gradual increase in speed, finishing with a full, solid and balanced follow through position.

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Every professional golfer you will see finishes with a full follow through position because the power and coil they generate on the back swing is gradually unleashed on the down swing so their momentum takes them into the position. It is not a bad thing to copy but it is done for a reason.