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Golf Question How Can Moving The Ball Position Affect My Golf Shot TrajectoryMoving the ball position in the golf stance can have a massive impact on the trajectory and shape of shots.

Every club has a natural swing arc which should bottom out at different points in relation to the feet. An 8 iron, for example, will tend to bottom out in its arc just after the centre of the stance. This is why the ball should be placed in the middle of the feet with an 8 iron because players want the ball struck with a slightly descending blow. The driver ball position is played well forward in the stance inside the left heel because the driver bottoms out in its swing arc between the centre of the stance and front foot. Allied with teeing the ball up high, this allows players to strike up on the driver.

If a player was to move the club back further in the stance then the angle of attack would have to increase to ensure a good strike. This will remove loft from the club and cause the ball to fly lower than usual. The same is true the opposite way. If a ball position is moved further forward then the ball flight will be higher because of the increased angle of attack.

Different ball positions can also cause the path to alter and change the shape of the shot. For example, a ball position further back in the stance will cause a more in-to-out path which in conjunction with a face closed to path will result in a draw. A ball position forward in the stance will cause a more out to in path and open up the possibility of a slice.

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Ball position is one of the most under appreciated parts of the golfing technique despite its large impact on ball flight. Golfers struggling with impact and flight should check ball position first.

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This is something many people get confused about but hitting down on a golf ball will increase back spin but not necessarily height if the angle of attack is quite steep.

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Moving a ball backward will cause a more in-to-out path and help with a draw whilst moving it forward will help an out to in path. Ball position is incredibly important, make sure you check it before anything else.