Golf Magazine Presents 2013 “Techy Awards”

    Technology is all the rage in golf, and we’re not just talking clubs and balls. Clip-on launch monitors. Iridium sunglass lenses. Battery-powered rain gear. What will they think of next?

    Who knows, but Golf Magazine selected 20 products as winners of its 2013 “Techy Awards,” unveiled in the November issue. Here’s a sampling of the latest and greatest:

  • Training aid – SwingSmart: This ingenious device goes along for the ride when you swing. SwingSmart clips to any club shaft and records a variety of data, including swing speed and face angle. Download the info to your phone or tablet, watch yourself in 3D or submit your swing for review by a qualified instructor. MSRP: $249.99
  • Glove – SensoGlove: At round’s end, is your glove hand sore from clinching the club? If so, your grip is too tight. The SensoGlove employs pressure-measuring sensors to monitor your grip during the swing and let you know if you’ve got the club in a stranglehold. MSRP: $89
  • Shades – Oakley G30 Iridium Lenses: Consider these sunglasses X-ray vision for the golf course. No, you can’t see into the turf, but the high-def lenses bring out subtle contrasts in fairway and green surfaces while protecting your eyes from harmful rays. MSRP: $150 and up
  • Rain jacket – Mobile Warming Golf: Some golfers carry hand warmers on cold days; others stash a special little flask for a wee nip. This jacket features a built-in heating element and four temp settings; it’s also waterproof, windproof and lightweight. MSRP: $219.99 and up
  • Smartphone app – GolfLogix GPS: Here’s the best (and only) reason we’ve found for carrying your phone on the course. This app provides yardages to key targets and colorful, accurate hole depictions, plus a stat-tracking function for instant analysis. Subscription: $19.99 per year