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What Is The Correct Golf Swing Weight Shift Takeaway And Downswing For Senior Golfers

Heres a question for you: As you finish your swing, where is most of your weight? On your left (lead) foot, or your right (back) foot?

If you said left, thats good. It means youre achieving a proper weight shift on the downswing and follow-through. And youre probably not hitting a lot of fat shots.

If you said right, therein lies your problem. A failure to transfer weight from right to left will severely curtail your power and, in effect, move the bottom of your swing arc to a point behind the ball. Thats why the club slams into the ground before it strikes the ball.

Ideally, about 75-80% of your weight should be on your left foot at impact. If youre thinking this will cause the swing to bottom out beyond the ball, youre right. And thats exactly what you want. After all, the average PGA Tour pros swing typically reaches bottom some 3-4” past the ball on iron shots.

Heres a brief explanation of the correct downswing weight shift sequence; well share some helpful drills momentarily:

  • As you reach the top of your swing, 70-80% of your weight should favor your right foot.
  • The first move down is to press your left heel into the ground, which starts the left hip turning toward the target.
  • Your hips continue rotating, shifting your weight from right to left and pulling the torso, shoulders, arms and club in sequence.
  • At impact, most of your weight should be on the left foot.
  • At the finish, youre balanced on the left foot, with the right toes touching the ground for support only.

A classic practice tip for grooving this motion is the Step-Through Drill. Heres another great one: Tee Peg Ahead Drill

A quick note: There are other cures for fat shots if your problem isnt a poor weight shift. Try moving the ball back in your stance and lifting your chin at address.

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“Casting” the club – uncocking the wrists too soon on the downswing – is a common ailment that creates all manner of havoc. One common result is hitting the ball fat. Solid contact requires maintaining your wrist hinge for as long as possible, building up a powerful “lag” and unleashing energy at impact.

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When your upper body dips down or tilts forward, the club will naturally strike the turf before the ball. Its important to hold your posture from address into the follow-through – a consistent spine angle is a major key to good ballstriking.

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If the ball is too far forward in your stance (i.e., too far left of center for a right-hander), your swing will bottom out behind it. And standing too close at setup will steepen your swing, forcing the club down on a sharp angle that leaves little room for error.