Fat Shot Golf Drill: Right Heel Up at Address

Failure to achieve a correct weight shift is a leading cause of fat golf shots. By hanging back on your right side (left side for lefties) on the downswing and follow-through, you move the club’s bottoming-out point to a spot behind the ball.

One way to determine if this is your problem is to check the position of your right heel at impact and into the finish. If you’re properly driving your right side through, the heel will lift slightly off the ground and you’ll finish balanced on your left foot. If your heel remains glued to the turf throughout your swing, you’re hanging back.

Having trouble make a good right-to-left transition? Try this simple drill:

  • Using a wedge, address the ball with your weight spread evenly across both feet – 50% right, 50% left.
  • Lift your right (back) heel an inch or so off the ground.
  • Make your swing, keeping the right heel elevated throughout and pushing off your right leg on the downswing. If you achieve a correct weight shift, the heel may lift a little higher as you swing through.
  • If your right heel sinks to the ground on the downswing/through-swing, you’re not transferring weight to the left.

  • Hit 10 or more shots with the heel up. Once you’re hitting crisp shots, hit several more without lifting the heel while practicing the same driving motion. Getting off your right side is the key to curing your fat shots.