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Correct Golf Answer Take a wide stable stance

The best way to tackle a shot from loose ground is to take a wide stable stance.

Loose ground can come in many forms on the course with the most common found in bunkers. Other forms of loose ground include under trees such as pines where pine straw lies deep on the ground.

When golfers begin to swing on loose ground, the earth could literally move beneath them! This could cause one or both feet to slip, throwing the whole swing and posture out of line and sequence. The most common problem caused when hitting off loose ground is with the consistency of strike. To be safe, golfers can learn to not only widen their stance but also control their swing length to steady the lower body. Follow this guide when hitting from loose ground. The guide is intended to be used with a7 iron.

  • Set up – place the ball just back of centre in the stance with the feet just outside of shoulder width apart.
  • Alignment is as normal straight down the ball-to-target line. Shuffle the feet down into the surface to ensure both soles have nestled into the earth.
  • Adopt your normal posture but place about 60% body weight on the front foot and lean the shaft towards the target so the hands are ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • Swing the club away, keeping the body weight 60% on the front foot.
  • The back swing should be three quarters in length.
  • Drive down and through the ball keeping 60% body weight on the front foot.
  • With the ball placed further back in the stance than normal, a downward strike should be easy to achieve. At impact, the hands should be ahead of the ball.
  • The ball should be contacted cleanly and the feet should have remained solid and steady throughout the swing.

Hitting shots from loose lies can be tricky and often a disconcerting experience, however it can be overcome by adopting a strong set up position.

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To gain more control over their swing, some people bring their feet closer together. This is fine for short chip shots but for longer more powerful swings the feet should be spread wide apart.

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Because of the extra width needed in the set up, when hitting from loose ground the body will already be in a lower position than normal. Therefore, the knees should have a little flex but not be bent excessively.

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Modern golf shoes are so good there is no need to revert to old metal spikes! Just follow the guide and you’ll hit better shots from the loose ground.