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Correct Golf Answer Take the wrists out of the action for less back spin

Hitting wedges into soft greens is definitely preferable than hitting into hard greens but they do present their own challenges.

High wedge shots loaded with back spin will tend to stop dead and even spin back once they land. Although this sounds fantastic (and often is) it means golfers have to be very precise about where they land the ball. Golfers are often better suited to taking the wrists out of the wedge shot to help decrease the amount of back spin produced. This often leads to more consistent shots when hitting into soft greens. Give this following technique a try when hitting into soft greens to help better control the ball.

  • Use a lofted wedge for this shot. Reducing the amount of loft will reduce the amount of spin. Be aware of this relationship.
  • The ball should be played from the middle of stance with 60% body weight placed on the front foot.
  • The feet and hips should aim slightly left which will pre-set them into an impact position which is not always achievable with a short swing technique.
  • Swing the club away using the shoulders and arms. There should be almost no wrist hinge during the back swing. As the shoulders and arms move the club away, golfers should keep 60% of the body weight on the front foot.
  • Swinging the club away with the shoulders and arms could feel quite robotic but it will decrease the angle of attack produced into the ball.
  • Swing down and return the hands slightly ahead of the ball at impact. Slide the club underneath the ball and use the bounce. There shouldn’t be a big divot but rather a bruising of the ground after impact.
  • Swing through and repeat the no wrist follow through. Drive the club through with the arms and shoulders.

When the greens are soft, controlling the amount of back spin on the ball is crucial. Don’t try to be Phil Mickleson and rip the ball back 30 feet, use the no wrist swing and control the spin.

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This shot is the Holy Grail for many golfers but should only be attempted when golfers strike the ball consistently. Using the no wrist shot will help increase consistency.

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If the green is really soft, increasing the amount of back spin placed on the ball could increase the likelihood of the ball spinning away from the hole. If the greens are very soft the fairways are likely to be very soft also and hitting the ball hard could lead to other inconsistencies.

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Although chipping the ball low and letting it run is not out of the question, players should take advantage of the soft conditions and get the ball landing a little closer to the hole.