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Correct Golf Answer Strike down to generate back spin but allow for some roll

Hitting wedges into firm greens can be tough work but certainly not impossible and definitely controllable if players think through the shot.

The most consistent way to hit shots into firm greens is to strike down on the ball to generate back spin but allow for some roll once it lands. Unlike soft greens the ball will not pitch and spin instantly, the firmness of the greens will reduce the reaction of the ball once it lands. This needs to be taken into consideration.

When hitting wedges into firm greens, players must first engage the brain and pick the spot they want to land the ball. This is important because once golfers decide where they want the ball to land they can then imagine where they want it to roll to (in the hole hopefully).

Hitting wedges with high lofts will help increase lift and back spin without altering the swing. Golfers can use this technique to get the ball close.

  • Using a high lofted wedge, place the ball in the middle of stance.
  • The feet and hips should be angled off to the left to pre-set the impact position. The shoulders should be square to the target line and 60% body weight should be placed on the front foot.
  • Swing the club away keeping the body weight 60% on the front foot.
  • Vary the length of back swing depending on the distance of shot, however most pitching swings should never be more than three quarters in length.
  • Swing down into the ball keeping 60% body weight on the front foot ensuring a downward strike.
  • At impact the hands should be ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.

Striking down will impart back spin but players should not try to release the club too much as keeping the club face open will help the club maintain its loft.

Players hitting wedge shots into firm greens need not panic too much. Using a solid technique and producing consistent amounts of back spin will help increase the amount of control a golfer has over the ball.

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Because of the firmness of the greens, unless the ball pitches into an upslope it could be difficult to stop the ball quickly next to the hole. Use your imagination and land the ball short of the hole allowing it to roll up to the pin.

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Although the ball will spin less there is no need to put the ball back in the stance and hit low runners into the pin. A well played pitch shot should have enough back spin to give the golfer enough control.

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Hitting the ball high into the air will help increase the likelihood of the ball stopping quickly once it lands. However hitting the ball high all the time is not the most consistent way to hit pitch shots. Golfers should focus on using a consistent technique and only use the mega high shot when absolutely needed.