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Correct Golf Answer Put the ball slightly more forwards in the stance

Hitting the golf ball high has advantages that can lower your scores on the golf course.

If the ball is hit with a high trajectory, it carries further in the air giving more distance than a ball hit low along the ground and being slowed down by friction. The high shot also allows the ball to drop down softly on to the green utilizing its height and more vertical downward trajectory making it stop when it lands allowing it to stay close to the hole. Positioning the golf ball more forwards in the stance (nearer to the front foot) is the easiest way of hitting golf shots higher.

By moving the position of the golf ball forwards we increase the launch angle of the ball flying off the club face. If we imagine the golf swing as a circle with the ball positioned at the bottom of the circle, the golf club head drives in a downwards arc through the ball into the bottom of the circle and into the ground. When this happens, the golf ball rides up the face of the golf club and is projected upwards and forwards. If we were to move the ball forwards in the stance, by no more than one inch, the ball instead is contacted by the golf club on a more horizontal or even a very slight upward trajectory just after the bottom of the swing arc. This produces a higher launch angle of the golf ball from the face of the club through less downward motion of the club through impact and so a higher shot is produced.

Edge the ball forward in the stance at the set up position and hit higher, more accurate golf shots with no change to your technique.

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Depending on the lie of the golf ball it is almost impossible to get underneath the ball - the ground is in the way. If you try to get underneath the ball the chances are that the golf club will connect with the ground first producing a fat shot where the ball only travels a few yards.

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Many golfers try to hit higher shots by opening the club face. By opening the club face we mean that for a right handed golfer the club face will be turned slightly to the right before hitting the shot, and vice versa for left handed golfer. It is true that opening the club face will send the ball higher as the loft of the golf club will be increased, however, the club face is also turned away from the target during this action meaning that the golf shot will be inaccurate and curve away from the target in the air.

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This is possibly the worst thing the golfer could do to hit the ball higher. As the golfer leans back on to the back foot, the weight of the golfer and the bottom of the swing arc is now positioned behind the ball. This means that there will be an increased chance of either hitting the ground before the ball, as the club bottoms out too early, or hitting the top of the ball as the club travels on its upswing into the ball.